Magisterial Decree 01 A / 2006

To all Dames and Knights, Brethren of Our Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta Federation of Autonomous Priories,be known by the present letters that

We, Hereditary Regent and Grand Chancellor of the Sovereign Order of Cyprus, Hereditary Prior Procurator General of the Grand Priory of the Most Holy Trinity of Villedieu and Regent of the Federation of Autonomous Priories of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem also said of the Knights of Malta, in virtue of the Constitutional powers and the Hereditary rights bestowed upon Us,

and considering that, for the development of Our Sovereign Order, the harmonious work and activity of all its Priories is needed,

considering that the Sovereign Order of Cyprus, also known as of the Order of the Sword and Silence, federated as an Autonomous Grand Priory in Our Federation, has an important role to perform, in the fulfillment of Its historical past, to develop methods, research, formation and other activities in the field of Security,

considering that the historical past, purposes and objectives of The Sovereign Order Of Cyprus combines with the purposes, objectives and historical military past Our Sovereign Order of ensuring Security and Safety in the World,

after considering all of the above mentioned facts, in accordance and in conformity with the Constitutions and Charters, of both The Sovereign Order of Cyprus, of which We are Hereditary Regent and Grand Chancellor, and Our Federation of Autonomous Priories, having also in consideration the personal outstanding human values, exemplary work, and in recognition for the Fidelity, Loyalty, valuable actions and renown support to all Humanitarian causes, and, furthermore, the relevant services rendered to the cause of Security and Protection of Mankind,

by these present letters that We come to decree and We do decree that:

H. E. Count Sir GEORGE POPPER Grand Collar of Cyprus, Lieutenant General of Our Federationand Grand Prior of The Hungarian Priory of Our Sovereign Order

is appointed as


We also give to him the right to be called

His Grace

and public recognition, honor and praise, with all the rights, honors, privileges and prerogatives belonging and inherent to his new rank.

This decree, was given at the Grand Magisterial House on this 20th day of the month of February of the year of our Lord 2006 and to it We affix our Hand and Seals in use at this House.

His Eminent Highness Sir J. M. Cosmelli, Grand Collar of Malta

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